Year of Scripture – Day 324 – 325

Reading for:
Wednesday, November 20: Acts 18 – 20
Thursday, November 21: Acts 21 – 23

Paul begins to travel
And travel . . .
And travel . . .

Let’s keep in mind that Paul and his companions didn’t have the luxury of jumping in the car and making a quick trip to the neighboring church. There weren’t any boarding passes on the express flight from here to there. These were labor intensive journeys. On foot. Maybe if you were lucky via caravan, riding on a mule, horse, or donkey. It took days, if not weeks and months to get from point A to point B. Some scholars estimate that Paul traveled over 10,000 miles. That seems hard to fathom. Yet, devoted to Christ, his very lift centered on sharing the good news everywhere he could.

As he did, and as we read, we encounter names that will be important to us especially as we work our way through the rest of the New Testament. Some of these include mention of Corinth, Ephesus, Galatia, Rome, Philippi, Thessalonica, and others. Keep that in mind as we soon turn the page, moving from Acts into the Letters of Paul.

However, before we do that, ponder with me the many many miles that Paul traveled as you reflect on his four different journeys out into the world, proclaiming the good news of Christ!

Pastor Bailey

Reading for the next few days:
Friday, November 22: Acts 24 – 26
Saturday, November 23: Acts 27 – 28
Sunday, November 24: Romans 1 – 3

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