Year of Scripture – Day 323

Reading for:
Tuesday, November 19: Acts: 16 – 17

I’m fighting a nasty head cold this week, so I’m a bit behind. Sorry about that . . . but it means today’s thoughts will be short.

Did you catch an interesting shift in pronouns while reading chapter 16? If not, read thought it again, even if at a glance. What did you notice?

Hopefully you caught on that the writer includes the use of the word “we.” It is important to note that these few paragraphs are first hand encounters which Luke had with Paul. Beginning with 16:11 . . . “we set sail.” The encounter doesn’t seem to last long, as Paul and Silas are imprisoned in the later half of the chapter where the story begins to read more as a narrative, much like it had before. Never the less, this is a significant reminder that Luke, who was working to “put together an orderly account” (Luke 1:3) for Theophilus walked side by side with Paul during some of his travels.

Pastor Bailey

Reading for the next few days:
Wednesday, November 20: Acts 18 – 20
Thursday, November 21: Acts 21 – 23
Friday, November 22: Acts 24 – 26

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