Year of Scripture – Romans

Reading for:
Day 328 – Sunday, November 24: Romans 1 – 3
Day 329 – Monday, November 25: Romans 4 – 7
Day 330 – Tuesday, November 26: Romans 8 – 10
Day 331 – Wednesday, November 27: Romans 11 – 13
Day 332 – Thursday, November 28: Romans 14 – 16

I’ve gotten a bit bogged down trying to get ready for Advent and squeezing everything in before Thanksgiving. It’s been an exhausting joy to be a part of our community Thanksgiving baskets. I was able to help pass out and distribute 30 baskets in the past few days. What a blessing. Truly helps to to remember all the blessings that we are blessed with, little or great, they are still a blessing. I pray that as you begin to gather around the table with friends and family that you might pause long enough to give thanks!

One prayer concern please. I have a wonderful church member who has been put on Hospice Care. His name is John. He has “fought the good fight” for a long time and now he is in the process of gaining a different victory than originally hoped for. I’m not sure why, but this one seems to be playing with my emotions a bit more than others. So keep John’s family in your prayers . . . and a few for my pastoral guidance wouldn’t hurt either.

As we move from the Gospels and the story of the Act’s of the Apostles , we turn the page to Paul’s letters. I haven’t decided how I’ll approach these yet for your reading and discernment, but I might share my thoughts one letter at a time. But since I’ve been bogged down with everything else, for now, I’m going to pass you off to our friends at and let us learn and reflect together on Romans.

Blessed Thanksgiving!
Pastor Bailey

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