Year of Scripture – Days 281-284

Readings for:
Tuesday, October 8: Matthew 15 – 17
Wednesday, October 9: Matthew 18 – 19
Thursday, October 10: Matthew 20 – 21
Friday, October 11: Matthew 22 – 23

First off my apologies. I’ve gotten behind on posting my thoughts and reflections. Part of that is the realization that for every two chapters we read, there are easily ten weeks of Sunday sermons . . . how do you condense that down to just a few hundred words for a blog?

Another part of that is that I’ve realized I’m exhausted mentally, physically, and (dare I say) spiritually. This past month has been a marathon for me. A wedding every weekend, two big funerals, teaching 5 college level lay leadership classes on the New Testament and taking in the rather challenging texts that the past few Sundays have presented for us. Folks, I’m beat! Right now, I stare at the screen as if to say “I’ve got nothing left to say.”

The good news here is that I hear the message my “self” is telling me, and it’s time for a week off. Just me at home with little to do. In 17 years of ministry, I’m not sure that I’ve ever taken a week like that before, but its time. So . . . connecting all the dots for you . . . I’m going to blog off for a while and get back to you in a week or so, where hopefully I’ll feel restored, refreshed, and ready to share some great insight on Mark and Luke.

Until then, I hope you keep reading. The dates and assigned readings are listed below. If you keep up on your readings, I will keep up with that as well.

Before I close for now, two more things. One:) Take a moment to check in with our friends from and see their reflections on Matthew. Two:) It’s “Pastor Appreciation Month” be sure to thank your pastor for all they do. A card, note, gift card to dinner out, some token of appreciation is always welcome. Oh, and don’t for get the Music Directors and everyone else who “ministers” to you as well.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days:
Saturday, October 12: Matthew 24 – 25
Sunday, October 13: Matthew 26
Monday, October 14: Matthew 27 – 28
Tuesday, October 15: Mark 1 – 3
Wednesday, October 16: Mark 4 – 5
Thursday, October 17: Mark 6 – 7
Friday, October 18: Mark 8 – 9
Saturday, October 19: Mark 10 – 11
Sunday, October 20: Mark 12 – 13
Monday, October 21: Mark 14
Tuesday, October 22: Mark, 15 – 16

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