Year of Scripture – Day 280

Readings for the next few days:
Monday, October 7: Matthew 13 – 14

Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie, I have always had a fascination with water. The soft voice of the rolling wave. The hush of the breeze. The roar of an angry storm, and the devastation and havoc it can leave behind. It is all impressive and humbling.

Because Lake Erie is so shallow (did you know it is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, and the only one who’s bottom is above sea level?) a little bit of wind can whip up a pretty big story in just a few short hours. Working on a ferry boat service in college, I can attest how ugly some of those were and how quick they came. No matter how good your “sea legs” some of them you still feel and will indeed make you a bit “green”

Even though most of the disciples were seasoned fishermem, they find themselves in a similar situation. The winds whip, the water roars, and they fear for their lives. To make matters worse, a ghost appears on the not so distant horizon. “It is the Lord!” Then you have to love Peter, “prove it” he essentially says, let me walk to you on the water. Here is the thing to remember, IT WORKS! Peter actually does walk on water. For a little bit anyways. As soon as he takes his eyes off of Christ, what happens? He sinks.

I found this great image to share, perhaps of Peter’s vantage point as he is sinking ever so quickly . . .

I found this pretty impressive. Just as Peter was pulled up out of the water, Jesus does the same for us. Reaching down into the depth of our own trials in order to restore us to wholeness. Where we can walk through the raging storm once again.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days:
Tuesday, October 8: Matthew 15 – 17
Wednesday, October 9: Matthew 18 – 19
Thursday, October 10: Matthew 20 – 21
Friday, October 11: Matthew 22 – 23

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