Year of Scripture – Day 279

Readings for the next few days:
Sunday, October 6: Matthew 11 – 12

The plot is beginning to thicken isn’t it? The Pharisees are getting frustrated. Neither Jesus nor his disciples follow the rules of the Sabbath. “How can this be, if he were indeed one from God?” The Pharisees must be asking themselves. And, what does it mean for us?

I guess we can think back 30 – 50 years ago or more, when Sunday was reserved for “church.” I’d have to think back pretty early in my childhood to remember when nothing was open on Sunday. It was a time for God. It was time for family. I can remember the constant plea that my sister and I had wanting to go to Perkins Pancakes after church every Sunday, but other than that it was day the family spent together.

Now, people skip church and go straight to the store. There is little respect for the Sabbath. Hence the decline in our “godless” society. “We’ve all got too much to do to bother with God”, some might say. Yet God still bothers to provide everything we need, and the Sabbath, is our chance to give back as best as we are able. An hour of praise and prayer, isn’t too much to ask . . . then with our eyes on God, we can go about our daily life.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days:
Monday, October 7: Matthew 13 – 14
Tuesday, October 8: Matthew 15 – 17
Wednesday, October 9: Matthew 18 – 19
Thursday, October 10: Matthew 20 – 21

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