Year of Scripture – Mark

Greetings Friends and Faithful Year of Scripture Readers!

So, I took a week of vacation, and truly enjoyed some me time. It was probably the first time in 17 years of ministry that I took a week just for me. It was wonderful! I’d recommend it, and my wife gives thanks that I was able to check several things off the “honey do list” as well.

Now that my little week of me time was two weeks away, I used last week to get caught up and I kept saying, “I need to get back to my blog.” Sorry I dragged my feet. I kept thinking it, just never sat down to pound out some thoughts. Anyways . . . on to Mark!

If we’ve been following along, we should have read Mark two chapters at a time, beginning October 15 through October 22. If not, its a relatively quick read especially when compared to the other three Gospels. As you read, here are some things you might have noticed:

  • Mark’s Gospel is short, there is a sense of urgency, and it ends abruptly.
  • To highlight that, Mark uses the word “immediately” 17 times. Compare this to Matthew which uses the same word 6 times, Luke 13, and John 5.
  • The ending it is a mystery in and of itself. Did anyone see Jesus? Did the women say anything to anyone? Someone must have, otherwise the story wouldn’t have been shared.
  • Everything is a secret. The Disciples don’t understand who Jesus is (in fact they are pretty dense in Mark). Miracles are asked to be kept a secret, and parable are Jesus preferred form of teaching, which are secretive in their own way.
  • The only ones who seem to understand the truth are the demons. They always recognize Jesus for who he is, “I know who you are, the holy one of God.” they proclaim. Peter might get it as he proclaims Jesus as the Messiah, but then he denies Jesus in nearly the same breath. It’s not until the end, that the centurion proclaims, “Truly this man was God’s Son!”

That proclamation, proves to be the heart of the Gospel, for in Mark the cross reveals to all the world that Jesus is God’s Son. Living in the light of that truth we give thanks that the crucified and risen one give his live to reveal God’s love for you and me.

And a side, ps . . . If Jesus is patient enough to stay with the disciples as portrayed in Mark, then there is hope for you and me!!

Pastor Bailey

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