Year of Scripture – Day 135

Today’s readings: 
Wednesday, May 15: 2 Chronicles 18-20 

If you would, turn back with me to 1 Kings 22. You don’t need to read the whole chapter again, but take note of the stories that are told of Jehoshaphat. You’ll note some similarities between that and our readings in Chronicles. However one notable difference . . . 1 Kings designates one chapter where Chronicles sets aside four chapters. That’s quite a difference.

As we read, in Chronicles we get a greater sense of his faithfulness. Yet, there is an underlying tension between Jehoshaphat and the prophets that guide him. While most scholars would denote him as one who “did right in the eyes of the LORD,” I think we can question that to some degree. Completely faithful? Nope. As wicked as they come? Definitely not. In the end, Jehoshaphat is probably a lot like you and me, somewhere in between, drawn into sin yet redeemed through the grace of God!

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings: 
Thursday, May 16: 2 Chronicles 21-24 
Friday, May 17: 2 Chronicles 25-27
Saturday, May 18: 2 Chronicles 28-31

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