Year of Scripture – Day 134

Today’s readings: 
Tuesday, May 14: 2 Chronicles 13-17 

The progression of the Kings of Judah begins to move quickly. Remember this is David’s story, so we won’t hear too much of the story from the Northern Kingdom, only when conflict strife or some other interaction is necessary. As it is, in these few chapters we hear briefly on Rehoboam, Abijah, Asa and Jehoshaphat. The major difference between these readings and the story in Kings, is that the kings remain (for the most part) good and righteous in the eye of God. Honestly, its a much more pleasant read than what we had a few weeks back.

There is, however, an inkling, that something evil is under foot, when Asa removes the Asherah poles from Maacah. (2 Chronicles 15:16-17) Depending on the translation, Maacah is sometimes spelled with a “K”, and is referred to as his “mother” (NRSV) or “grandmother” (NIV). Either way, she has strayed from the ways of God. There is reference to “Maacah” as one of David’s wives (1 Chronicles 3:2). Perhaps she is the same, but that would be great, great grandmother.

Knowing the story of Solomon as told in Kings, we can recall the many wives who swayed Solomon away from God. Could this potentially be one of Solomon’s 700 wives? Granted that would make Maacah Asa’s great grandmother, and I’m ok with that. I honestly can’t say when the idea of “great” grandma’s came into being, so a reference to “Grandmother” might actually work for this one.

In the end, one of the queens of these great and (as Chronicles tells the story) faithful leaders of Judah has gone astray, so much so that Asa has to clean up her mess. Sounds like trouble to me! Again, knowing where the story will end, we will soon be on a slippery slope to exile for both Israel and Judah.

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings: 
Wednesday, May 15: 2 Chronicles 18-20 
Thursday, May 16: 2 Chronicles 21-24
Friday, May 17: 2 Chronicles 25-27

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