Year of Scripture – Day 136

Today’s readings: 
Thursday, May 16: 2 Chronicles 21-24 

Now this is much more like the story of the kings that we are used to. “And . . . did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord. First it is Jehoram. Then we encounter Ahazaih. Followed by the wicked Queen Athaliah. Even Joash, as much good as he did at first, eventually goes astray. Now the path to exile is looming closer. We’ve still got several wicked kings to go, but the fate of sin and temptation has taken hold, and our once faithful kings have lost their way.

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings: 
Friday, May 17: 2 Chronicles 25-27 
Saturday, May 18: 2 Chronicles 28-31
Sunday, May 19: 2 Chronicles 32-34

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