Year of Scripture – Days 30 – 31

Exodus 36 – Exodus 38
Exodus 39 – Exodus 40

Another book complete! Another month, come and gone! Now we are well on our way. Many say it takes 30 days to make something a habit, and since the first of the year, we’ve done just that. Nice work! A little bit of self praise is a good thing, and we might need that as we turn the page into Leviticus.

Before we do that, we realize that Exodus comes to a close with the building of the Tabernacle. Just as described in earlier chapters, the tent covers, lamp stand, curtains, various altars, and all the utensils needed are completed just as God had given direction. Moses even gives it his two thumbs up (39:43) before it was all constructed. Moses even gets that honor, throughout chapter 40 as everything is put in its proper place.

Then, when all is said and done, God descends in a “pillar of cloud”, and begins to dwell within the Holy Space. Oddly enough, as much as Moses has played a key role in building the Tabernacle, once the Cloud descends, Moses cannot enter. It’s implied, but not clearly stated, from this point on, the Tabernacle is reserved for the Priests (Arron and his sons) as God now finds a home with the people of Israel!

Tomorrow . . . new month . . . new book. On to Leviticus chapters 1 – 4.

Pastor Bailey

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