Year of Scripture – Day 32

Leviticus 1 – Leviticus 4

As we shift into a new book of the Bible, I did some quick reading on the history of Leviticus. Something I never recognized before . . . Leviticus, just the name itself . . . takes is meaning and roots from the Levites, which comes out of Levi, who was one of the sons of Jacob. If we remember correctly, it was the Levites who were appointed priest over the Tabernacle. So, connecting all the dots, this book is written for the priests, and we see that quite quickly as we dig into the first four chapters.

Other quick observations:

  • Yuck! Instructions for sacrifice after sacrifice. Everything described so beautifully in Exodus regarding the building of the Tabernacle, now covered in blood from sacrifice after sacrifice.
  • Can you imagine the smell? Blood dried, animals and bread on the open fire, and a cloud of incense constantly burning. Honestly, I can’t say if that would smell good or not.

All in all it makes me grateful that Jesus became the living sacrifice and that these duties aren’t part of my own pastoral responsibilities!

More to read as we take a look at Leviticus 5 – 7.

Pastor Bailey

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