Year of Scripture – Day 29

Exodus 33 – Exodus 35

Burr! It is cold out there! I hope everyone is staying warm on these very blustery winter days!

As we looked at today’s text, we might be feeling as if we are experiencing deja vu. Didn’t we read this already? Yes . . and . . . no. Remember this is the second time that Moses is going up Mount Sinai. So the conversation starts again. With many of the same words. I suppose we ought to get used to it, and a bit of warning, there will be plenty of moments of repetition as we continue our Year of Scripture together.

On a lighter note, and since we are all stuck inside trying to stay warm, here’s a few videos that come from The Bible Project which give a pretty good summary of the Book of Exodus. Each one is about six minutes long. I’ve also included their comic strip on the stories of Exodus. Enjoy!

Exodus Part 1:  Chapters 1-18
Exodus Part 2: Chapters 19-40

Pastor Bailey

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