Year of Scripture – Day 25

Exodus 22 – Exodus 24

I made an interesting observation while reading through this passage. Typically, we think of Moses on the top of Mount Sinai, chisel in hand, recording every word that God has given. This isn’t necessarily the case, at least not as I read things last night. In chapter 24, Moses is “called up” to the mountain, and given the two stone tablets (24:12). Not quite the image that most of us hold on to.

Same could be said about the tablets themselves. Typically, we think of them having the Ten Commandments on them. Nothing more, nothing less. Here again, in my reading, I am led to think differently, as the implication is that God gives the tablets with the law and the commandments. That being the case, all the odd and various laws of the last several chapters would have been recorded as well. Never really thought of it that way.

Lastly, the point of all the laws? (My wife and I had a good laugh as we ready thought a few of them!) Rhyme and Reason. Respect and Order. All of these would be a simple answer, but I would like to think there is a bit more to it than that. Think back with me to chapter 18, when Jethro and Moses are reunited after the Exodus. One of the suggestions Moses receives from his father-in-law is to establish various judges over the people so that Moses was not overwhelmed by case after case. Now, with God’s divide guidance and laws given, the judges could rule justly from one case to another. What a gift!

Now if only I could avoid boiling a kid in it’s mother’s milk (23:19b)!!! I hope you chuckled at that one, I did!

Pastor Bailey

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