Year of Scripture – Days 26 & 27

Exodus 25 – Exodus 27
Exodus 28 – Exodus 29

Moses goes up the mountain and receives . . . the instructions for building the Tabernacle!

The Tabernacle of God
The Tabernacle of God

There are a few things that always impress me about the building of the Tabernacle:

  • Everything is donated! The Israelite give out of their generosity the finest of treasures. Material, gold, silver, bronze, wood, and on and on the list could go. All of it donated out of the generosity of peoples heart. Later we’ll see that they gave so much, that Moses had to tell them to stop. What a great problem to have.
  • Everything is portable! The entire thing, from tent coverings, to the Altar of Sacrifice, to the Ark of the Covenant, was portable. As the Nation of Israel would move from one location to the other, the Tabernacle would be torn down, packed up, and moved on, leading the what to their next home!
  • Everything is super detailed! God tells Moses the specifics. Length, width, height, material, shape, decoration patterns. It must have been a sight to behold!
  • Everything is covered in blood! Ok, well not everything, but pretty close. We aren’t talking horror scenes from a movie or anything like that, but there is blood none the less. Sprinkled, splattered, spread with a thumb, on everything from the priest’ garments, to the horns of the Altar and everywhere in between. For me, it’s one of those traditions that I’m glad we don’t keep any longer. Not sure I’d want to be the one wearing vestments covered in blood, or the one required to do the splattering

Pressing on to see how the book of Exodus comes to an end. Read with me chapters 30-32.

Peace & Hope you are staying warm!
Pastor Bailey

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