Year of Scripture – Day 24

Exodus 19 – Exodus 21

And so the laws begin . . .

I am the LORD your God, you shall have no other gods
Do not take God’s name in vain
Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy

Honor your father and your mother
You shall not kill
You shall not commit adultery
You shall not steal
You shall not lie
You shall not covet your neighbor
You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.

When we look closer at the Ten Commandments, we begin to realize that we have broken all ten. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism helps us to better under stand what I mean. While we may say, I’ve haven’t broken some of those, perhaps when we think of it this way, we might change our mind:

  • Put something before God? . . . broke that one.
  • Ever say OMG? . . . broke that one.
  • Ever skip a Sunday, to sleep in, go shopping . . . ? broke that one.
  • Mom, Dad . . . all I can say is sorry! . . . broke that one too.
  • Put someone down? Talk behind their back? . . . broke that one.
  • Steal a glance, have a lustful thought? . . . broke that one.
  • Borrowed something and never gave it back, or an idea you claimed as your own? . . . broke that one too.
  • Lying? . . . that one was easy, broke that one too.
  • Longed for that great something of your neighbor’s? Wanted a relationship like your neighbor has? . . . broke both of those. too.

10 for 10! Even me, as a pastor . . . I broke all ten. Gratefully, God’s law serves as a guide given in love. With full praise, God’s grace is given freely to redeem us from each and every mistake we make. What a blessing!

Pastor Bailey

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