A Year of Scripture – Day 15

Genesis 42 – Genesis 45

Our reading today in Genesis is a reunion full of so many emotions. It’s been years since Joseph was with his family. We might easily ask:

  • Did Jacob and the rest of the bothers regret that Simeon was left behind?
  • Was there fear in sending Benjamin on the second trip?
  • Why didn’t the bothers question the odd way they were being treated by the Egyptian Ruler (known to us the reader as Joseph)?
  • Was there joy when Simeon was reunited with the bothers?
  • Didn’t the think it was odd, when they were seated at the table in their birth order, who else would have known that?
  • How far did their hearts sink when Benjamin was caught with the chalice?
  • Wouldn’t they have heard Joseph weeping? And, wonder why?
  • At what point did the bothers finally recognize Joseph as their long lost bother?
  • What was going through their mind when they figured it out? Fear? Joy?

What a roller coaster of emotion. Yet, in all the ups and downs, we have to take note of Joseph’s response. Essentially, “this was all God’s doing!” There is true praise and adoration.

The family reunion continues as we read on to Genesis 46-47. Also, don’t forget, it’s Wednesday night. Join me if you can in the Chapel at 6:30 p.m. as we review and reflect together on this past weeks’ readings.

Pastor Bailey

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