Year of Scripture – Day 16

Genesis 46 – Genesis 47

Today is January 17th, and many people label today as the day that New Year’s resolutions are often broken. So if you are still hanging in there with me, congrats! If not, we are just about to finish Genesis, so its not to late to join in, or to get restarted again. Though I will admit, the bigger challenge is coming when we begin our February readings and start our journey through Leviticus. Together, we will make it!!

Last night we also gathered for our second review and discussion group. Together we shared the highlights of the second half of Genesis. If you want a quick summary of our discussion, check out this video. If you want to check out part one, for the first twelve chapters in Genesis, you can watch that here. Lastly before I share some quick thoughts, The Bible Project, has a great comic strip poster summarizing all of Genesis. There is a lot to it, but it is worth a look!

Genesis as told by “”

On to last nights reading . . .
I don’t think many of us can fathom the joy that Jacob had as he embraced Joseph after years of separation. Not only separation, but separation after years of what was thought to be Joseph’s death. Occasionally, we watch it on the news or hear about it in stories . . . someone thought dead, kidnapped, run away, etc. finds their way back home. In light of recent news, we think of Jamye Closs. Together, we celebrate the joy her family shares in her bold escape. Then, we ponder, if only she could embrace her parents again. If we can (not that we ever will or would want to) place ourselves in that mind set, then we might be able to find the joy that Jacob must have felt as he embraced Joseph after all of those years. At the same time, we might begin to fathom the inexpressible joy that God has for us his chosen created people, who have fallen into sin from the very beginning, only to be redeemed and embraced through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Off to finish the last few chapters of Genesis!
Pastor Bailey

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