Year of Scripture – Day 14

Genesis 41 – Genesis 42

From the depths of Hell, to the joys of paradise. That’s what it must have felt like for Joseph as he was released from prison only to find himself elevated to Pharaoh’s right hand man. Talk about a redemption story!

And, its much more than that, its a salvation story as well. Salvation for Jacob and his sons. After seven years of plenty, the famine settles in. Jacob and his family begin to starve. Unbeknownst to them, Joseph has prepared everything they need in Egypt. Even as they gravel at his feet, the sons of Jacob do not recognize who is right in front of them. How could they, for Joseph should have been as good as dead. Yet here he is, about to provide the food and protection they desperately need. As we read on, to Genesis 43-45, we will quickly find, that redemption and salvation are both at hand!

Pastor Bailey

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