Year of Scripture – Day 6

Genesis 19 – Genesis 21

Part of today’s reading feels like deja vu when we think of Abraham and Sarah. Haven’t we heard, “she is my sister before” as a means to provide Abraham safety and security. Didn’t I mention that Abraham is a bit cunning? Well, yes, Abraham used those same lines with Pharaoh back in chapter 12. Didn’t seem to work then, doesn’t seem to work now either in the presence of King Abimelech. Here is the laughable part, maybe you forgot that as we were reading along, Sarah is now 90 years old. I mean no offense to our 90’s something women, you are beautiful in your own way, but desirable for a childbearing relationship? I think not! Despite the deception, amazingly Abraham’s life is never put in danger, he is richly rewarded, and Abimelech too for his own faithfulness. Seems odd, but that’s the way God’s story goes. The reassuring thing is, if God continue to love and walk with the oddities of Abraham, then certainly, God can continue to love the oddities of you and me. Let’s read on as we venture onto chapters 22-24.

Pastor Bailey

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