Year of Scripture – Day 5

Genesis 16 – Genesis 18

One might ask what was going on in Abrah’s mind in the 14 years of waiting.  Did God forget me?  Was this promise a joke?  Was it real?  There is no doubt that fourteen years is a long time for any of us to wait.  Yet, we are reminded that God works in God’s time.  Our desires, our timing, our need for everything right here, right now, doesn’t fit is with the one who was, who is, and who always will be.  So like Abram, a little bit more patience and trust is needed from each and every one of us.

As we journey into chapter 17, Abram’s name is changed . . . Abraham.  Sarai’s name is changed . . . Sarah.  Why?  After all the waiting, long after the initial promise was made, this is a sign that God is about to do something new.  Just as we are named and claimed in the Waters of Baptism, it is a new beginning, for Abraham and Sarah, just as it is for us.  Named and Claimed by God above, what an honor.  With a new name, the promise is about to be realized.  Sarah is with child!  The story of the Nation of Israel is about to begin.

More to read for tomorrow.  Will you join me for Genesis 19 – 21.

Pastor Bailey

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