Year of Scripture – Day 7

Genesis 22 – Genesis 24

If I were to give a theme or a title to these three chapters, it might be something like “Abraham’s commitment to God and family.” Commitment, Respect, and honor are all a big part of these three chapters. Think of it this way:

Chapter 22: We witness Abraham’s commitment to God. What a test! After waiting years for God’s promise to be realized, Isaac is born, and not God test’s Abraham with Isaac’s Sacrifice. “God will provide,” Abraham states to his son, who is now beginning to figure things out. In the end, God does provide a ram, caught in the thicket, just as the blade was ready to strike. This is a fitting sacrifice given by God as a gift of thanksgiving, for God now know Abraham is fully committed to his faith.

Chapter 23: We witness Abraham’s commitment to his wife. Sarah is now dead and what is the one thing that Abraham wants? A proper place to bury her body. Many try to gift him land, caves, and other locations, but Abraham will have nothing to do with “free” gifts. There is pride. There is a deep sense of commitment. In buying a burial location, Abraham could easily say, “This is ours! Its not borrowed, leased, or given. I purchased it to do what is right, so that we may all find eternal peace and rest.” There is a deep sense of honor in that, a sign of his commitment to Sarah.

Chapter 24: We witness Abraham’s commitment to his son Isaac. Time has passed, Isaac is of the age to be married, but it must be the right woman, from the right location. “Go to my country,” Abraham says to his servant. Go, so that you might find someone of our own traditions, our own background, our own faith values. Abraham is committed to see that his family, the one that will someday be a numerous as the stars in the heavens, will inherit the same blessings that he once did. Even as we wish all the best for our own children. Abraham is showing his commitment to this as Rebekah meets the servant at the well.

So we see various aspects of Abraham’s commitment. Does is model our own? Now one week in to a Year of Scripture, are we still all committed? See you tomorrow as dig deeper into Genesis 25 – 26.

God’s peace,
Pastor Bailey

2 thoughts on “Year of Scripture – Day 7

  1. Thanks for the daily emails to remind me to keep reading. I helps since we are not in Tiffin.

  2. So glad to know you are reading along! Enjoy your time in Florida, Winter arrived again today!!

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