Year of Scripture – Day 2

Genesis 4 – 7

If you made it through chapter 4: 17-22, congratulations! We survive the first of many readings through the genealogy of the Bible. Those don’t get any easier, or any more/less interesting, yet they are part of God’s story, which makes them part of our story. So we read on, through each and every name the best we can.

Of course, as we venture into the story of Noah, we cannot help but think of the waters of baptism that ever flow, forever cleasnsing us of our sins. I will admit I had to chuckle as I lay in bed reading these three chapters, all while listening to some quiet music playing a gentle rainstorm in the background. Then I began to think about that rain. Drop after drop, after drop, after drop. Day after day, after day, after day. Night after night, after night, after night. That’s a lot of rain! Forty Days worth of rain! That’s alot of water used to wash away the sins of the world.

Thanks be to God, through the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, and the ever flowing waters of baptism, Grace is given, and small amounts of water work just fine!

Join me in reading our next section, Genesis Chapters 8 – 11.

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