Year of Scripture – Day 3

Genesis 8 – Genesis 11

The waters come . . . and the waters go. The story of the Flood winds to a close and we quickly realize that it doesn’t take long for sin to enter into the world again. Noah becomes drunk (who can blame him after almost a year in the ark), his son mocks his drunken behavior, and on the story goes.

Along with the generations of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, we encounter the Tower of Babel. A childhood favorite of mine, but then building towers out of bricks was something I did a lot with my LEGOS, so I could relate. Difference is, I never aspired to be “like God” or to “reach the heavens.” A few feet tall with with stairs and windows was about all my LEGO collection would allow.

Finally, we close our our readings with a familiar name, or nearly familiar, Abraham, I mean Abram, is introduced. We’ll understand the need for a name change later. For now, we find comfort knowing that the story of Abraham is upon us, which leads us ever closer to the story of Salvation through Jesus Christ. Even after the flood, these few chapters remind us that we obviously need it. Let’s read on to Genesis 12-15.

Pastor Bailey

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