Year of Scripture – Day 1

Genesis 1 – Genesis 3

“In the Beginning . . .” We have all probably read these words a dozen times. Perhaps we have attempted to read the Bible a few time through before, and we start quickly and easily with some familiar words, “In the beginning . . .” Even the first three chapters are quick and easy to read, we could even say that the book of Genesis is an familiar/easy read for most of us. Then, as one page turns into another, as days and months go on, we begin to loose the passion and vigor for our daily reading.

So we do this together!

Twenty minutes or so every day should get us through in a year. We’ll follow the Bishop’s suggested reading schedule and hope that with many others across the Northwestern Ohio Synod, we are able to make it to the words “. . . Amen, Come, Lord Jesus!”

Our first reading from Genesis 1 – Genesis 3, recalls the story of creation. Two stories actually. The traditional 7 days of creation (Gen. 1:1 – Gen. 2:3) , as well as the story of Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:4b – Gen. 2:24). Then we get the story of the Fall, and that crafty snake. Sin enters in the picture quite quickly. One observation I always make is the blame game that takes place. No one wants to take responsibilities for their own mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault. Nothing new there! Yet, despite our sinful actions (even from the very beginning) God still cares. Did you catch that? In Genesis 3:20, in their nakedness and shame, God still cares enough to cloth them before sending them out of the garden. We may have messed up, from the beginning . . . but God still loves us!

Now onto day two, Genesis chapters 4 – 7. Why don’t you read it with me.

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