Year of Scripture – Day 317

Reading for:
Wednesday, November 13: Acts 1 – 3

As we turn the page to another book in the Bible we shift from Jesus and the Gospels to the Book of Acts. However this isn’t a stand alone book. At least it was never meant to, be that when it was first written. We’ve have to turn back to the opening chapter of Luke to understand what I mean, or turn back to my reflections titled “Year of Scripture-Luke”. Luke writes to “Theophilus” and either dedicates his writing to him, or gives greetings to him in the opening words of both the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. So Acts is a sequel! If it were up to me, I would probably re-order the Gospels and Acts to John, Mark, Matthew, Luke, Acts, but as it is they didn’t ask me when the were putting the good book together. 🙂

Also, I think the title is misleading. Several scholars may agree. The Acts of the Apostles as it is often called, looses sight of the main actor in the story. This should be renamed the Acts of the Holy Spirit. For it is the Spirit that gives life to the early Church after Jesus’ Ascension . . . and the Holy Spirit is awesome!

Rushing in like a violent wind. Helping the now Apostles hear and speak in other languages. Moving them from a locked upper room. Sending them forth into the world. What an awe inspiring moment as 1,000’s were baptized and brought to faith on the Day of Pentecost.

Add to that, the impressive words of Peter. This is definitely a Spirit filled Peter. No longer are we sinking in the water as the storm rages. No longer are we turning back to our former lives and caught fishing in Jesus’ absence. No longer are we putting selfish desires first and told “get behind me Satan.” No longer are we denying Jesus in the public courtyard of the High Priest. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter has been changed. Peter has been moved from Disciple to Apostle and witness to Christ! With that, we realize one thing, this bumbling fool of a disciple can preach!

With the voice of Peter and filled with the Holy Spirit, let us all preach on and proclaim the good news of Jesus!

Pastor Bailey

Reading for the next few days:
Thursday, November 14: Acts 4 – 6
Friday, November 15: Acts 7 – 8
Saturday, November 16: Acts 9 – 10

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