Year of Scripture – Days 314 – 316

Reading for:
Sunday, November 10: John 13 – 15
Monday, November 11: John 16 – 18
Tuesday, November 12: John 19 – 21

It’s hard not to fall in love and be amazed by the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. There is always something awe inspiring every time I read it. That being said, between teaching the Gospels for a Diaknoia Class, and my prep work for it, and now journeying through the Year of Scripture, this is the 12th time I’ve read these words in the past two months, so I’ve got it down. Still . . . I come back in awe that God would do such a thing for me!

Three things to note as we wrap up our reading of John.

  1. Nicodemus: Way back in chapter three, Nicodemus came to Jesus when? In the darkness of night. It was all in secret, a bit hush hush, and Nicodemus was challenged with some great words by Jesus. So what happened? I posed that in my daily blog a few days back. Nicodemus became a believer! From the darkness of night to the light of the day, he now publicly attends to Jesus’ burial with 75 pounds of aloes. What a rich gift! What a transition of faith! As people of light, may we bold enough to move from our own darkened places to share the love of God!
  2. Jesus prays: As we gather in the upper room in John just before Jesus is betrayed, foot washing is introduced as a model of service, and Jesus prays. This “High Priestly Prayer” as it is often called, includes words of prayer for our unity, care, and well being. And Jesus prays . . . wow does he pray. Words of compassion. Words of authority! Words of vision! Words of God. May we be bold enough to pray, and to remember that Jesus prayed for us!
  3. Peter runs: You have to enjoy the dynamics of Easter morning. Mary encounters Jesus at the tomb, runs to greet the disciples and there is this great power play between Peter and the Beloved Disciple. Perhaps it goes something like this: They take off running to the tomb together. The Beloved Disciple takes the lead and arrives first. Out of breath he stands hand on either side of the entrance, leaning in trying to catch his breath. Peter arrives a few minutes later, huffing and puffing, shoves the Beloved disciple out of the way, and rushes into the tomb, filled with concern and doubt. The Beloved Disciple steps in, takes a look around, and realizes what has happened. He is alive! Proclaiming the good news, Peter still stands in awe at the mystery of what has taken place, while the Beloved Disciple begins running back, shouting over and over, “He is alive!” I love playing that scene in my head. You can sense the dynamics at play. The disbelief, the awe, the wonder, and the amazement at the awesome thing that God has done!

Knowing Christ is alive, go and share the Good News!

Pastor Bailey

Reading for the next few days:
Wednesday, November 13: Acts 1 – 3
Thursday, November 14: Acts 4 – 6
Friday, November 15: Acts 7 – 8

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