Year of Scripture – Days 262 & 263

Readings for:
Thursday, September 19: Hosea 1 – 7
Friday, September 20: Hosea 8 – 14

Our Year of Scripture is now taking us somewhat quickly through the minor prophets. As we do, I may do a summary of each of the prophets rather than each day, make several posts so each prophet gets some of their own attention and thought.

On to Hosea . . .

Where Daniel and Ezekiel were speaking in the time or near the time of Exile, we have to rewind the clock to the time of Kings and realize that Hosea’s words come to the people not long after the death of Jeroboam II. Things were ugly for the people, because in God’s eyes we had become pretty ugly in the way we live. With that in mind, we might have an easier time understanding the repeated image of prostitution and the golden calf.

We have heard these images before. Ezekiel used the image of Judah and Samariah as prostitutes perverse in their ways of life. However Hosea takes that image one step further, at God’s command he marries one, starts a family, and remains faithful to her even as she runs off to another man. He is so faithful that he buys her back, and starts all over again. In my mind I kept thinking we’ve read this before. As hard as I looked, I couldn’t find a similar passage in the prophets we have just read. However I did discover that we had this as a Sunday morning reading a few months ago. (Maybe that’s why it sounded familiar) Either way, its a great reminder of God’s faithfulness. Even as far as we fall and stray, God, through Christ, buys us back and claims us as his own.

Then of course we have the golden calf of the last several chapters. Who knew that would make a bit of a reprise?

Before we close, let’s look at our friends from thebibleproject to check out what they had to say about Hosea.

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days:
Saturday, September 21: Joel
Sunday, September 22: Amos 1 – 5
Monday, September 23: Amos 6 – 9
Tuesday, September 24: Obadiah & Jonah

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