Year of Scripture – Day 261

Readings for:
Wednesday, September 18: Daniel 10 – 12

As Daniel comes to a close, we are challenged with some intriguing time lines regarding the end of times. When, where, what, how?

We actually have to turn back just a few chapters to get the whole of Daniels prophecy on time (back to ch. 9), and while we can only interpret what Daniel is saying, we have to make our best guess. Here is one diagram that I found that does help to provide a bit of clarification on the 70 weeks:

What I love on this and many of the other interpretations that I have read, always centers the on the cross, where “the Anointed one will be put to death and will have nothing.” (Daniel 9:26) As we near our completion of reading the Old Testament, here we find a bit of Gospel truth. Even with the cross, it is a breath of fresh air for us faithful readers. Redemption and salvation is soon at hand.

Still the question remains, when? Even Daniel asks “How long will it be?” (Daniel 12:6) While the Angel Michael gives a number for days, I have to fall back on words of Jesus for this one.

“But about that day or hour no one knows,
not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
Mark 13:32

Until that day, until that time we wait for the glory of God!

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days:
Thursday, September 19: Hosea 1 – 7
Friday, September 20: Hosea 8 – 14
Saturday, September 21: Joel
Sunday, September 22: Amos 1 – 5

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