Year of Scripture – Day 171

Today, our mission Trip Youth took on some projects as Camp Mowana, as sister camp of Lutheran Memorial Camp. Together we helped to spruce up the property (indoors and out) as they get ready to welcome their summer campers in the weeks to come. Fortunately, for us, it was our first day with out rain. Or so we thought! The morning was beautiful, then as we were finishing up our projects, the heavens opened. We were soaked! Guess that means fresh mud for tomorrow.

As evening settled in, we returned to our Year of Scripture text and I let the youth decide how they wanted to dig deeper into God’s word. In the end, we have an interesting variety as we look at today’s text.

Today’s Readings:
Thursday, June 20: Psalms 36 – 39

Psalm 36

This trio of youth decided to take on a bit of acting. There interpretation of the Psalm essentially said:

Evil is bad!
Evil people will not survive!
Good people will be rewarded and climb to the top
Of the mountain of God!

(And they yodeled all the way!!)

Yodeling to the top of the mountain of God!

Psalm 37

Because of it’s length, I took this one on and we shared some discussion. Three key words appear repeatedly in this Psalm: fret, wicked, and righteousness. All in all a simple summary of this Psalm, might sound something like:

Do not fret over the wicked
For with God you are righteous.

I then asked the youth to ponder those three key words. Here’s what they came up with:

What do we fret over?
Fire, School, being safe, ticks, robbers/murders, illness/death, the unknown, strangers, test, getting caught when we do things bad, one even said they have nothing to worry over!

Who in our word is “wicked”?
People like Hitler, those who start wars, terrorists, murders, school shooters, ticks, wiccans, devil worshipers.

Who in our word is “righteous”?
God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Pastors, teachers, people who do good, people who use their popularity for the betterment of others, ourselves (for doing mission work)

Psalm 38

This trio took to the drawing board to explain the Psalm. Here’s what they had to share:

Save our Soul, O God, Please!

Psalm 39

Our last trio shared with us the cycle of life as reflected on by the Psalmist. Their words of encouragement came with the reminder that “Life is short, make the best of it by following God.” This of course, included the highlight of the day, as one of the youth gave birth. You had to see it to laugh along with it, but for now enjoy the photo!

Giving birth is no fun!

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Friday, June 21: Psalm 40-45
Saturday, June 22: Psalm 46-50
Sunday, June 23: Psalm 51-57
Monday, June 24: Psalm 58-65

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