Year of Scripture – Day 170

Again, I am blessed to have so many youth interested in being the hands and feet of Christ willing to work and serve in the world God made. Today took us to Hemlock Falls near Mansfield, Ohio where we learned about Garlic Mustard. It’s an invasive species that was brought to the United States in the 1800’s as a spice. Unfortunately, it has spread beyond garden cultivation, and is taking over many woodland areas. Because it is foreign to our area, there aren’t any animals or insect that depend on it as food, so it grows with no known predators, and it grows quickly. Thus, chocking off the “good” species of plants that nature depends on. So, we started pulling, and pulling, and pulling. What a task! We even had our first tick in the group and it has all the girls constantly checking or reapplying their bug spray. What a hoot! My personal highlight – I got the van stuck in the mud on their trails. The youth had the task of pushing me out. I’ll tell you it was extremely tempting to floor it and coat them all, but I was nice and together we had success getting back on the road.

OUr evening Devotions took us bake to the Psalms where I gave the youth the task of “acting” the Psalms out. I’m going to work on getting some videos uploaded when I get back to the office. It was great! Here’s a recap of what they had to share:

Today’s Reading:
Wednesday, June 19: Psalms 32 – 35

Psalm 32

Rejoicing in the Lord!

Three of our ladies “danced” for the Lord, as they retold the Psalm:

Oh, God you have wiped away our sings (with a giant swoosh)
I have groaned (with a huge moan) in them.
I will admit the to you
And rejoice because you have taken them away!

Psalm 33

God, the mighty warrior

Our three guys took on the mighty acts of God. Like mighty warriors they retold the strength of God posing as sumo wrestlers. It was an absolute laugh, and I had the joy of trying to narrate, take photos, and notes at the same time. What a hoot!

Psalm 34

Go away, God’s followed are dumb!

Our other three ladies took on Psalm 34 with an action/drama skit that retold the Psalm in this way:

Voice 1: God’s followers are dumb. Why do I want to be one of them. (Stubs their toe and seeks help).
Voice 2: Believe in Jesus and God will help save you.
Voice 1: Go away. (Pushing voice 2 off scene)
Angel’s Voice: Non believers should be condemned to hell! (The angel flys in to shove voice 1 to the neither world)
Angel’s voice: (to voice 2). God will save you for believing in him!

Psalm 35

By that point we were laughing so hard we left this to read on our own. I hope you do the same.

I’ll do my best to recap this with videos if I can figure that out when I get back. Super proud of what our youth are doing, as we continue to worship, work, learn about and serve God!

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Thursday, June 20: Psalm 36-39 
Friday, June 21: Psalm 40-45
Saturday, June 22: Psalm 46-50
Sunday, June 23: Psalm 51-57
Monday, June 24: Psalm 58-65

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