Year of Scripture – Days 129 & 130

Today’s readings:
Thursday, May 9: 1 Chronicles 25-27 
Friday, May 10: 1 Chronicles 28-30

The first half of Chronicles comes to a close. With that David’s life comes to an end. The great King of Israel has gracefully transferred his power and authority over to Solomon. What a transition! It’s full of grace and acceptance. As Chronicles tells it’s story, there is no struggle over succession between brothers, it is simply divine will. This is as God intents, we are essentially told. For Chronicles, this highlights the importance of the lineage of David . . . great, mighty . . . one with the LORD. Also, for Chronicles, the importance of the Temple, which is spelled out in detail and handed over for Solomon to now to construct.

For us the reader, its a positive read, and a much more uplifting version of this portion of Israel’s story. I’m intrigued to read on to see how the rest of the story is told as other kings take the throne. So with that, we’ll turn the page to 2 Chronicles chapter 1.

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings:
Saturday, May 11: 2 Chronicles 1-5
Sunday, May 12: 2 Chronicles 6-8
Monday, May 13: 2 Chronicles 9-12

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