Year of Scripture – Days 127 & 128

Today’s readings:
Tuesday, May 7: 1 Chronicles 18-21
Wednesday, May 8: 1 Chronicles 22-24

If we look at the story of Chronicles as a “re-telling” of Israel history told in the days after the Exile, then we begin to get a better sense of the story being told. I know I, reading straight through the Bible first looked at this as “why do we have to reread this all over again.” Now, with fresh eyes, I have a greater appreciation for how Chronicles tells Israel’s story.

And what is the story being told . . . David!

Missing are the stories of David’s lust and hunger for all sorts of things. There is no Bethsheba bathing and lusted after. There are no words from Nathan, “You are the man.” Instead, we have a much more graceful story.

David . . . is mighty.
David . . . is resourceful.
David . . . unifies Israel and subdues the surrounding nations.
David . . . makes great plans for the Temple.
David . . . worship and honors the LORD at all times.

As we all know, history has two sides to every story. Chronicles presents one. Kings presents another. Each has its purpose. Each emphasizes the point needed to be made. For now, that point is, David is the mighty appointed one of God!

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings:
Thursday, May 9: 1 Chronicles 25-27
Friday, May 10: 1 Chronicles 28-30
Saturday, May 11: 2 Chronicles 1-5

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