Year of Scripture – Day 124

The reading for:
Saturday, May 4:
1 Chronicles 9 – 1 Chronicles 11

Well that was short! Our few chapters of Chronicles summarized 1 Samuel chapter 9 through 2 Samuel chapter 5. Talk about short and concise. Made for a pleasant reading through these few chapters especially when compared to all the names we’ve been reading.

To simplify things, our writers have removed the drama and tension between Saul and David. There’s no David and Goliath. There’s no fear and David living on the run. There is little tension. Instead, our story shifts to a bit more positive nature, with the story of the Kings and the blessings that they shared as they lead the nation of Israel.

I honestly can’t say how long that positive nature will continue, after all, we know how the story of the kings comes to an end with sin, greed, and eventual exile. But at least for now, lets enjoy the readings we have as we continue to read on!

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings:
Sunday, May 5: 1 Chronicles 12-14
Monday, May 6: 1 Chronicles 15-17
Tuesday, May 7: 1 Chronicles 18-21

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