Year of Scripture – Days 121-123

1 Chronicles 3 – 1 Chronicles 5
1 Chronicles 6
1 Chronicles 7 – 1 Chronicles 8

Name after name after name. By now you are probably tired of reading all the names of Ancient Israel. You might also wonder the point of reading all these names. I realize they aren’t that much fun to read through yet they are part of the story, and the story that is being told is the linage of the coming Messiah. Which means, this is the story of the coming of Christ. Each one of these names lead and point to the one we gather to worship, praise, and adore. For that, each and every one of these names is important. So keep reading, one name at a time.

Also, a bit of encouragement, the story of Chronicles begins soon, so keep reading on.

Pastor Bailey

Our next readings:
Saturday, May 4: 1 Chronicles 9-11
Sunday, May 5: 1 Chronicles 12-14
Monday, May 6: 1 Chronicles 15-17

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