Year of Scripture – Day 105

1 kings 8 – 1 Kings 9

The Temple is established! The Ark makes it way into the holy of holies! These are all great accomplishments for Kings Solomon. Yet as I read, I see greater accomplishments at work well beyond the physical structures that Solomon is being recognized for. In my opinion, the greatest accomplishments come in knowing that Israel is now being recognized and respected by the nations of the world.

  • Tyre sends word from Hiram who offers the Cedars of Lebanon.
  • Pharaoh in Egypt agrees to a marriage between Solomon and his daughter.
  • Ships are built to sail the seas, expanding the horizon, of the Israelites.

Everywhere we turn, with every people they encounter, the name of God is recognized by the power and might of this now great nation of Israel. While it’s been a long road, and many generations have passed, the promises made to Abraham are now truly being realized as Isreal secures itself as one of the great nations of the world.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 1 Kings 10 – 11

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