Year of Scripture – Day 104

2 Kings 6 – 2 Kings 7

Solomon’s temple is build! In all its glory, in all its splendor, Solomon is able to accomplish what his father, King David, could only dream of. For Jerusalem, it was a image to behold. For Israel, it was a beacon of hope. For the world, it was a reminder of the power of God. Everything about the Temple echoed the awesome acts of God’s goodness and mercy. I am sure it was an image for all of us to behold.

As we celebrate this moment with Israel, and rejoice in the building of the temple, my heart pours out as I sit and watch news of the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. Much like Solomon’s Temple, Notre Dame has been a image to behold. I got the joy of taking it all in and worshiping there while on a High School International trip. It was beautiful. Now, we watch devastation take hold of this symbol of hope that has served as an emblem of faith for Paris, France, and much of the world. This recognized beacon of faith has been calling Christians and all the faithful to a deeper relationship with God for more than 800 years. What an unfortunate loss! Together we grieve this tragedy, and pray that as Easter approaches that new life can be found in the midst of the dust and ash that now surrounds this beacon of faith.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 1 Kings 8-9

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