Year of Scripture – Day 94

1 Samuel 28 – 1 Samuel 31

1 Samuel comes to a close with the death of King Saul. The long awaited King of Israel is anointed, reigns, and comes to a tragic ending. What can we say of the first King of Israel.

Did Saul leave a legacy?
Did he built a mighty palace?
Did he make a name for Israel?
Did he secure peace and freedom for God’s people?
Did he he restore the people’s faith in God?
Did he do anything?

The simple answer to all of those questions is NO!

Looking back on Saul’s reign, he battled day in and day out with the Philistines. He had limited success in taking down this mighty oppressor. Limited only because he was distracted by David who was promised to take the throne from him. He was so distracted, he left no legacy, he established no peace, and he did more to tear apart the Israelites than he ever did to build it up.

Let us hope, that as we turn the page on a new book in the Bible, and as a new king takes the throne, that David will become the king the Israelites need and deserve.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 2 Samuel 1-3

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