Year of Scripture – Days 92 & 93

1 Samuel 21 – 1 Samuel 24
1 Samuel 25 – 1 Samuel 27

David lives in fear & David learns to love. If I was asked to summarize these two days of reading (sorry I missed one day on the blog) I would have to give them these titles.

David lives in fear:
Our newly appointed king, although not yet on the throne, is on the run. His life is in jeopardy as the current King seeks to destroy David and secure is throne. Needless to say its not going well for either one of them. There are threats. There is danger. There is living in hiding deep in a cave. There are several chances to seek life and death.

Within these few chapters David has two different moments where he could have ended the hardship. In chapter 24, David sneaks out of the cave, and carefully cuts off the corner of Saul’s robe. Then, in chapter 26, David approaches Saul’s tent in the dark of night and steals his spear and water jar. At either moment, Saul’s life could have been taken. Yet, David later approaches Saul, reveals the fragment of material , the spear or water jar, and shows him just how close he was to loosing his life. Saul always response with thanksgiving, yet the hunt goes on.

An interesting note to highlight, while David fears for his life he writes many of the Psalms, which we’ll get to in July. Take for instance Psalm 34: “I sought the LORD and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.” Or Psalm 27: “The LORD is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid.” In these darker times, David always seems to return to the LORD in song, pouring out his heart, seeking strength and protection in his time of need. If only we could be so bold as well!

David learns to love:
I should add to that title . . . again! It wasn’t too long ago that Saul was going to give David his daughter Merab, but instead David married another daughter Michal. Michal, if we remember offered David some much needed aid while initially on the run. Yet we read in Chapter 27, David’s heart is taken with Abigail, to whom he later marries, and then with Ahinoam, whom he marries as well. So enter wives 2 & 3. Oh, and exit wife 1, As Saul has now given Michal to someone else to marry.

If you are following all of this, you realize that David and his love life is a bit complicated. Friends its only going to get worse. In the end, its going to cause trouble. Then we’ll realize, like father like son, as the next generation takes the throne. At least it keeps things interesting.

On to finish 1 Samuel tonight. Our next reading 1 Samuel 28 – 31.

Pastor Bailey

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