Year of Scripture – Day 89

1 Samuel 13 – 1 Samuel 14

“What have you done?”
“You have acted foolishly!”
“You have not kept the commandant of the LORD your God!”

Just a few days after being anointed as king, Saul finds a way to get in trouble. In the thick of battle, Saul offers a sacrifice to win God’s favor and to seek God’s guidance in overcoming the Philistines. Seems like a good thing to do, right? So we might ask what went wrong? Why is Samuel so upset? Why is the linage of Saul’s throne now in jeopardy?

Two things help to bring some clarification.

  1. Samuel gave specific instructions that Saul wait seven days for his return. While we are on day seven, Saul didn’t wait long enough. He got a bit anxious, and took matters into his own hands.
  2. His own hands weren’t the right hands. Who is it that is to offer a sacrifice? The Priest and Levites. Saul is from the tribe of Benjamin. He is not a priest. He is not a Levite. Sacrifices are not his to preform.

So here we are, just a few days into Saul’s reign and things aren’t looking so good.
Power hungry? Not really.
Naive? Absolutely.
Faithful follower of God? That one we might question.
Seven days in for our newly appointed king . . . way to go King Saul!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 1 Samuel 15 – 17

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