Year of Scripture – Day 88

1 Samuel 9 – 1 Samuel 12

The Anointing of Saul

Israel now has a king!
All hail King Saul!
All hail King Saul!

As we continue to read, we will find out more about King Saul’s personality. For now, we have to go with the information which tells us Saul’s father was “a man of standing” (1 Samuel 9:1). I’ll take that to mean “good standing” and if dad is a man of good standing then the implication is that the son is of good standing as well. Guess we’ll have to await and find out whether or not that is true.

For now, we can rest knowing that Israel has a King, and can now be “like the other nations” as the people have been repeatedly of asking Samuel. While that happens, here’s a great observation to be made. It’s about the character of God. Simply put, God knows all.

  • Tomorrow at this time you will meet a man.
  • He will be from the tribe of Benjamin
  • He will be out looking for a lost donkey

On and on the list could go. Here is the amazing thing, God knows the details. God is in the details. Just as it was then, the same is for us today. God knows, our every thought, our every action, long before we make them. I find that comforting, amazing, and somewhat eerie all at the same time.

So remember, God is watching you, and very well might be calling you, like Saul, to something you never anticipated. Certainly the case with me!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: 1 Samuel 13 – 14

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