Year of Scripture – Day 50

Numbers 18 – Numbers 20

Yeah! We made it to day 50! Still hanging in there with me?? Great cause for celebration . . . for us . . . but not so much for Moses and Aaron.

These two chapters seem to be a tough break for both of our faithful leaders. I don’t know if you knew it, going into this Year of Scripture, (I did, but I expected a little more drama to the story) but Moses and Aaron, they never see the Promise Land. How sad!

I do feel for Moses. He seems to get shorted on this on. Although God does say, “Speak to the Rock.” What does Moses do? He strikes it with his staff. Maybe it was an oversight? Maybe it was a misunderstanding? Maybe it was knowing the staff thing worked once before? Either way, I get the fact that Moses didn’t follow God’s instructions, but banishment from seeing the Promised Land seems a bit harsh. After all, they wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for Moses’ faithful leadership. Add to that, they would be in Jericho by now if the people would have had faith enough. So on Moses’ behalf, in my opinion, you were so faithful . . . you still should have been reward.

Then there is Aaron. My wife asked, “Did he die because he was in trouble? Or was he just old?” I’m going to have to go with the “old” part for the simple answer. Although, based on his antics at the foot of Mount Sinai, he should have been punished long ago. (See Day 28) Aaron’s death seems just and deserved ending before we enter the Promised Land.

Yet, we aren’t there, in fact we aren’t any where close. We still forty years of wander to go before we cross the River Jordan. So, for now lets keep reading on!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Numbers 21 -22

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