Year of Scripture – Day 49

Numbers 16 – Numbers 17

How God Uses Moses’ and Aaron’s Staff

The people complain. The people revolt. There is bloodshed and lives lost. All over the power of God given and revealed through Moses and Aaron.

The questions might be raised. Who gives you this authority? How is it shown to us?

The answer. God does, and God’s power is revealed through many mysterious ways, including Aaron’s staff. It’s not the first time Moses’ or Aaron’s staff has been used. In fact, Exodus was full of references to either of them. The graph above gives us a quick reminder. But of course, one image can’t even begin to depict the splendor that Moses must have seen as he walked into the Tabernacle to find a dead piece of wood, sprouting to bud, and bearing fruit. Indeed, God is good!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Numbers 18 – 20

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