Year of Scripture – Day 39

Leviticus 22 – Leviticus 23

I’m not sure if you noticed, or quite understood the instructions being given when a sacrifice made “belongs to the priest.” Many times the instructions for the ritual sacrifices made in the Tabernacle are followed with those very words. Think of it as a form of payment for Aaron and his family, and chapter 22 clarifies who in the family is allowed to eat of these sacrificial gifts. You might think that is odd, but remember they were responsible for the events taking place in and around the Tabernacle, which meant they couldn’t tend to the needs of a flock or field. So, as you made your sacrifice, some of that gift may have been given as a form of payment to the priest.

This of course reminds me of when I interview and then took a Call to a small country church in Edon, Ohio at Saint Peter’s Lutheran. A few members of the Call Committee said not to be surprised if someone gave me a chicken, a pig, or half or a quarter cow as a gift. Seems odd, I know, but it was a country church and I was told those things happened. So, I looked forward to the day that we could have filled the freezer. In the six years I was there, it never happened. I guess Aaron and his family ate better than I did.

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Leviticus 24-25

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