Year of Scripture – Day 38

Leviticus 19 – Leviticus 21

My initial thought was “didn’t we just read this?” The answer is yes, and no. Turn back with me to chapter 18, and then glance at chapter 20. Nearly the same. The key difference is that chapter 18 spells out the ordinance on how God would want us to live, while chapter 20 spells out the punishment. For most . . . the punishment is . . . death, especially when it comes to inappropriate sexual behavior. Since we read it once, and now nearly read the same thing again, I think we get the point . . . as my mom used to say, “Keep your pickle in your pocket!”

One quick comment on all the other ordnances about our body. No piercing, tattoos, hair cuts, etc.. It’s easy to look around today and see that many choose to express themselves in a variety of ways. Personally, some of it looks like of fun and I’ve thought of a tattoo or piercing my ear, but am too chicken to try it. But here’s the point I think God wants us to remember . . . you were created in God’s image, and you are beautiful just the way God made you! Always remember that!

Pastor Bailey

Our next reading: Leviticus 22 – 23

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