Lent Begins

This year as we begin our journey to the Cross of Christ I can say that I am excited about Lent. Seems odd to say, but it’s true this year I’m excited about the walk to the Cross! I hope that you can share my enthusiasm as we are taking on a special theme for our Sunday Morning Worship Services. Perhaps as we gather to worship it will take you back to your childhood, I know it does for me, as we set out to reflect on LEGO Lent.

Yes that is right, those tiny LEGO bricks have found their way into our worship service as each week a few blocks will help tell the story of Jesus’ Passion and Death. Following worship, you’ll even receive your very own bricks to build your own “mini-kit” to help you remember the great love that Jesus has for you.

This week . . . the Cross.

Long before Holy Week begins, Jesus speaks of his death on the cross. It’s a fitting place to start as we begin our walk toward Good Friday and the glories of Easter. I hope you can make it join us for worship. If not, be sure to listen in on our Worship tab for each week’s message and how LEGO Lent reveals how LEGOS Explain God’s Obedience to the Cross.