Year of Scripture – Days 306 – 307

Reading for:
Saturday, November 2: Luke 21 – 22
Sunday, November 3: Luke 23 – 24

As the Gospel of Luke comes to a close there are two great conversations that take place that might be worth some additional reflection. One takes place on the cross. One takes place on the day of resurrection.

From the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” As many congregations gathered to celebrate All Saints’ Day this past weekend, these words provide hope and a promise for all of us. Here, we find reassurance that in the midst of death something greater is coming. I can’t tell you how many families I have consoled in my 17 years of ministry, but many ask the question, “what happens next?” Is there darkness? Do we wait for the coming of Christ? When do we get there? How? All of these are great questions that I can’t answer fully, because I’ve not yet made that journey. At the same time, I hope that once I do, I’m not coming back to give you a full answer or description. Yet, here is what I do know, Jesus makes a promise to the one crucified with him. “You will be with me in paradise.” When? “TODAY” What a blessing to know that as we close our dying eyes, TODAY we find PARADISE!

On the day of Resurrection , “Weren’t our hearts burning within us!” As two ‘disciples’ leave the 11 and head to Emmaus, they meet a stranger who reveals the glory of Jesus through the story of the prophets. What these two don’t realize is that this stranger in their midst is the crucified and risen Lord! It takes until they gather for a meal, where bread is broken, before their eyes are opened. Can you imagine the awe that must have filled them in that very moment. As they quickly return to Jerusalem, full of Good News, their proclaim, “weren’t our hearts burning within us!” What a joy to know that they had been in the presence of Christ. Then to remember that the same joy comes to us. Christ is present through the Holy Spirit in each of us, and is sometimes revealed at unexpected moments. Therefore listen to your heart. When you feel it burn within you, know that Christ could very well be about to reveal himself to you!

Pastor Bailey

Reading for the next few days:
Monday, November 4: John 1 – 2
Tuesday, November 5: John 3 – 4
Wednesday, November 6: John 5 – 6

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