Year of Scripture – Day 267

Readings for:
Tuesday, September 24: Obadiah & Jonah

Well, Obadiah was sure short. I love the the Twibble by Jana Riess puts it:

“A one-chapter rant against the Edomites. “When will G get rid of them?
Say, did you hear we hate Edomites?” Yeah, we deduced that, thanks.”
(Pg. 199)

Then on to Jonah . . . We all know the story, big fish, reluctant prophet, “Repent” . . . Well I hope you know that one. As I was reading I was fast forwarding to Acts. There are some amazing parallels.

  • Paul is from Tarshish. Jonah escapes on a ship to Tarshish.
  • Paul gets shipwrecked. Jonah experiences the storm and is nearly shipwrecked.
  • Both have a message message for people who are somewhat reluctant to hear it.

We’ll be reading Acts soon enough, its not quite as exciting as Jonah, but some amazing parallels. God’s call, takes you to some strange and mysterious places, and does some incredible things to you along the way!

Lastly, after these few quick reads lets hear from before we close our our night.

Pastor Baile

Readings for the next few days:
Wednesday, September 25: Micah
Thursday, September 26: Nahum
Friday, September 27: Habakkuk & Zephaniah
Saturday, September 28: Haggai

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