Year of Scripture – Day 259

Readings for:
Monday, September 16: Daniel 4 – 6

Oh them lions they can eat my body
But they can’t (SLINKY!) swallow my soul [no no no]
They keep on trying to crash my party
But they can’t (SLINKY!) get control [no no]
No way, baby, uh-uh [no, no no]

You probably don’t recognize those words, do you? I didn’t expect that you would. They are the words to the chorus/refrain to “Lions” by Lost and Found, an alternative Christian Band that used to tour in the midwest when I was in college. I can’t help but sing when I read the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. “Oh them lions, they can eat my body, but they can’t swallow my soul.” I wonder if Daniel thought the same as he was placed in the Lions Den. Confident in his faith, whether he lived or whether he died, he know that he was in the hands of God! God then used Daniel’s faith to move the faith of others, as he was found alive the next morning. What a proclamation of faith! “Oh them lions, they can eat my body, but they can’t swallow my soul.”

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days:
Tuesday, September 17: Daniel 7 – 9
Wednesday, September 18: Daniel 10 – 12
Thursday, September 19: Hosea 1 – 7
Friday, September 20: Hosea 8 – 14

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