Year of Scripture – Days 255 – 257

Readings for: 
Thursday, September 12: Ezekiel 40 – 42
Friday, September 13: Ezekiel 43 – 45
Saturday, September 14: Ezekiel 46 – 48

We close out the Book of Ezekiel with a grand and great vision of the temple, which is measured not in cubits but with a “measuring reed” (NRSV) or “measuring rod” (NIV). Either way this reed/rod is six “long” cubits long (adding an extra hand to each cubit), and was regarded as the way to measure the vastness of the new temple complex. Simply said, this place was huge!

There were inner gates, outer gates, courtyards, kitchens, dinning spaces, a river that flowed through it, an altar for sacrifice, space for the priest, and on the list could go. This temple was nearly a city in itself, although the holy city was built farther off.

Now keep in mind, as great and grand as this temple may seem, as Ezekiel had his vision, this was not the temple to replace the Temple that had recently fallen during the time of Exile. In fact this temple has never been built. Many look at this with parallels found in Revelation and the river of life that flows forth from the thrown of God. While detailed in the description, many think the visions of Ezekiel are still yet to come, on that day when the people of God will be fully restored. When? One cannot say. The only thing we can say with certainty is that there will be a time when all people will be gathered together on that great and glorious day!

For fun, do a quick internet search on “Ezekiel’s Temple” and check out the variety of artistic interpretations that are made, and imagine gathering there for worship. Wow would that be a humbling experience!

Pastor Bailey

Readings for the next few days: 
Sunday, September 15: Daniel 1 – 3
Monday, September 16: Daniel 4 – 6
Tuesday, September 17: Daniel 7 – 9
Wednesday, September 18: Daniel 10 – 12

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